Top Muskegon Blogger

Could I be the top Muskegon blogger?

Blogger has a cool feature whereby if you view a blogger’s profile, then click on his city (like Muskegon) you’ll find list of other people who use blogger in that city. When a person posts a new blog post or updates their profile, they move to the top of that list. So when I post this, I’m officially the Top Muskegon Blogger …. hehe

Other updates:

  • Kelly is about a year away from being able to sit for her RN state exams. The classes are hard, but she’s gotten good comments from instructors and coworkers. She’s going to be a great nurse. She’s also started making fabric crafts and opened up a shop on Etsy where you can buy things. She’s really excited about it and wants to expand it further, but we’re waiting for her first sale. Stop by and let us know what you think! (the address is if the link doesn’t work)
  • Brooke finished up her girl scout events and meetings for the year. This was her first year and she really enjoyed it. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it as well. It seems to be a really good group for her to be involved in. Next up is getting her involved in a sport or other activity. Sign-ups are happening this summer for cheerleading, but I have my reservations about that. Soccer and T-ball are also options we’re considering.
  • Ethan is now, and potty training. Most of the time he’s good about telling us when he has to go, but some days he doesn’t at all. We’re also STILL waiting for him to tell us when he has to poop. He hasn’t done that on the potty at all yet (and we all know how much fun those pull-ups are to change). He’s also just seeming much older and more mature to me. It’s like he’s recently grown 4 inches and doubled his vocabulary and comprehension. Very cool, but makes me realize it’s going fast!
  • I’m enjoying work more lately. I’m traveling during the day about 4 days a week and home every night. I work with customers and sales agents throughout the day and enjoy it. For a while I was doing sales trainings and I really enjoyed doing that, but I’d hate the regular overnight travel that being a trainer would come with. In my spare time I’ve learned quite a bit about creating websites using css. There was a lot about websites that I forgot, and much has changed too, but I’m fairly with it for now ;). I’m enjoying the summer, and bicycling, and being outside. It’s going too fast though! On top of its break-neck speed, all of my auxiliary interests get in the way of relaxing outside and enjoying it too…but it’s who I am.

So now you’re up-to-date on what’s going on with Muskegon’s Top Blogger ….hehe

Oh yeah, my sister is going to have a baby in December or January. It’ll be strange being an uncle, though my other brothers have had that title for 7 years now. She and the baby don’t have an easy road ahead, but with God’s grace they can make it through.


Busy Winter

Wow! Things are busy in my neck of the woods! Can’t you tell by the crazy heavy amount of posts? 😀

But seriously, things have been getting busy. This week I have plans 4 out of 5 weeknights, I’m getting up early 2 out of 5 workdays, and the weekend is filling up pretty well too. Of course, if i didn’t have things to do, I’d find plenty to do around home, some stuff that I need to do and a lot of stuff that I would just want to do :). That’s ok, busy can be good. Importantly though, busy is good as long as there is a defined time of rest, and over the last 6-12 months, I’ve become MUCH better about taking a time each week exclusively for the purpose of rest.

It makes a huge difference to rest. Rest is different for each person. Some need to sleep, some need to lay in a hammock, some need to do a project they’ve been meaning to. yes, physical activity can be rest for some. I often fall into that category. Sometimes we run so much that just setting aside time to work on a project I’ve been meaning to complete is EXTREMELY restful. In addition, when I get the project done, it no longer hangs over my head as something needing to be done, and thus, rest continues on through the week. Instead of being concerned over something needing to be done, but not having time for it, I can rest in the fact that it is done.

Well, I certainly don’t intend to be long-winded on this post, so I’ll end right after the following tidbit:

The parking lot to my office at 7:58am:
The parking lot to my office at 8:11am:
Winter is wonderful, isn’t it?
P.s. – in all due respect, I’m usually in the 8:15a group. Thanks Brett!

Election 2008 – McCain vs. Obama


Photo Courtesy Dean Terry

Anyone else tired of the election yet? I’m very excited that we only have one week left! Twitter has been almost unbearable some days, especially if a debate is on.

I know who I’m voting for, but it hasn’t come easily. I’ve had to do a lot of thinking, and consider both sides. I know that there is a clear choice for me now, but if my guy doesn’t win, it’ll be interesting to watch how it turns out.

I live in an economically depressed town, and that tends to sway voters a certain direction. They’re looking in the wrong direction. And those who are looking at the other candidate, they’re looking in the wrong direction too.

There’s nothing wrong with voting. We live in a democratic society, and if we have the ability to influence who is elected to the highest office, we should partake in that liberty. But they all tell us what we want to hear. they’ll all make promises they can’t keep. Compromises will be made, and we won’t even anticipate what’s coming in the next four years. Either way, we can’t look to the president to save us.

Vote for who you think the best candidate is, and then look to the only source of hope.

Did you really answer the question?

I was listening to a radio ad for a university today. They asked “If you could do something to make your life better right now, would you?” And then they launched into a sales pitch for their university (“call the university today to sign up for fall classes, we have…<insert college fare>…”). Then they finished up with a call-to-action something like “call today and register”.

There is something very subtle in that commercial. They begin by asking a question, and then go directly into telling us about their product. Problem is, they never really say that their product is the answer to the question. It’s like this:

Commercial: “Would you like to know how to bake cookies?”

Me: “Heck yeah! I likes me some cookies!”

Commercial: “OK! We teach math lessons better than anyone else. Call us today for more information!”

Me: “Wha?”

In my example, the business has a great service, and many people could benefit from math lessons. But math lessons don’t answer the question “Would you like to know how to bake cookies”, nor do they provide a solution if you DO want to know how to bake cookies.

That brings up another point with asking a question at the beginning of a commercial – like what if the answer is not as you anticipated it? Of course it is assumed that a reasonable person would want to make their life better. If a person will do anything to make that happen is the real question. But the purpose of this post is to point out that they don’t tie it all together. If you’re going to ask me if I want to know how to make cookies, you’d better explain to me how you can help me know how to make cookies.

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